If you are a UT3 custom content developer, the information here may be of interest to you.

If Clan Deviants has chosen to distribute your work from our website, it is possible that we have also taken the liberty of making certain modifications to your distribution without asking permission. These modifications apply to the way you originally distributed the content, NOT to the (assumed) copyrighted content itself. Specifically,

We feel that that these modifications to the packaging of the content are acceptable "fair use" and diminish neither your creative work nor your credit for that work.

If the terms above are not acceptable to you, feel free to ask Hex to remove your content from our website. We will comply — it will be removed from our server as well. If we felt that one or more of the above modifications to the distribution were necessary, as evidenced by the fact that they were made, we will not replace our distribution with your original one and we will forego using your work altogether.

[Note: Some of the content placed on this website shortly after UT3 was released, and before this policy was developed, was not re-archived and re-uploaded according to the points above. It will be.]